Luxury Boarding for Cats  

Your rrRoyal feline friends will love their stay in one of our 22 secure and comfortable Kitty Cabanas. These luxurious suites lead onto enclosed gardens which are landscaped with topiaries, Lavender and Catnip. A comfy patch of grass and large tree logs provide natural lounging for our rrRoyal Pussycats.

House Keeping & Hygiene

Charity provides pampering for cats……cleaning their cabanas twice daily, grooming them and providing love and cuddles – purrs are compulsory here. 

We use a natural product in our litter-boxes, which is cleaned twice daily. Litter is changed in-between cats or weekly -or more often if required.

Bedding is changed and washed weekly in our laundry – and changed between new arrivals.

ALL cats are treated with Frontline or Fiprotec, a kitty-safe tick and flea treatment on arrival – and de-wormed as required. Cats staying longer than 28 days will receive an additional treatment.


Food & Beverage

Royal Canin Fit 32 is served twice daily.

Meaty sachets are then provided with their evening meal.

Fresh water is provided and changed twice daily.



Being more sedate creatures, most cats prefer to lounge about rather than bounce and bound.

However, in an effort to accommodate everyone, our securely enclosed gardens that lead off from our Cabanas provide space and luxury for discerning Pussycats to lounge on logs or play hide and seek. Toys are provided

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