Luxury Boarding for Dogs  

At Paws Resort, we take pleasure in providing dogs with a carefree holiday.

We offer luxury, spacious accommodation for up to 60 doggy families at any one time. Individual, grassed gardens, with established trees, provide space to run, bark and play.

We offer two types of kennelling, to suit your dog’s needs and your budget: Our Luxury Chalets consist of a spacious wendy-house type kennel situated in a large, grassed garden. Our Regular Garden Kennels consist of green plastic igloo type kennels appropriate to number and size of dogs in your family. These are also situated in a large, grassed garden. Heating is available at an additional cost in the Luxury Chalets in winter. Please request a Chalet when you make a booking if this is your preference, as the availability of these units is limited.

With Dr’s Roy and Kristine living on-site, we offer you peace-of-mind in knowing that your pets are being looked after with a practiced veterinary eye, able to notice any health problems early on. We can also administer treatments, should your dog be on chronic medication, or on treatment for a current medical problem. Should emergency treatment be required for a severe illness, we have an excellent working relationship with several nearby veterinary hospitals and would be able to transport your dog to one of these facilities where full medical and surgical services would be able to be provided.

Paws Resort does not combine families. We believe in providing each family with their own space……..however, socialising can be done during daily walks and with neighbours at will through secure fencing.

Heating facilities keep the cold at bay. Your dogs can enjoy snuggling up in comfort, during the day or night. Heaters are charged for on a daily/nightly basis- and must be requested on arrival.

Warm blankets and bedding are provided to ALL dogs at no extra cost.

  Luxury Chalet            Regular Garden Kennel

House Keeping & Hygiene

All gardens are kept in mint condition, and cleaned regularly during the day.

Kennels are cleaned using F10 products, which are veterinary certified.

All pets are issued with clean bedding on arrival. These blankets are washed and replaced weekly or sooner if required.

All dogs are treated preventatively for ticks and fleas on arrival with a registered product such as Fiprotec or Advantix. Dogs staying longer than 28 days will require an additional treatment. Deworming is also administered at certain times of the year.


Food & Beverage

Dogs are fed twice a day.

We feed Montego Classic, paired with a freshly prepared warm broth at dinner-time.

If you have any particular request please advise our kennel manager so we can accommodate you.

All Veterinary diets are welcome at Paws Resort, unfortunately no other food will be accepted.

Water is provided in large water bowls – which are cleaned daily and refilled twice daily – and more often for doggies which like to ensure there is more water out than in the water-bowl.


Dogs are walked daily in our 3 acre park, on a leash or a harness. The duration of the walk is dependent on your dog……… geriatrics get a sedate walk, while energetic dogs get their daily run in- sometimes twice a day!    

Swimming pools are provided for dogs which enjoy “Aqua-Aerobics” – or just prefer lounging about in the cool water.

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